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Kasaria Lore

You find yourself in a massive section of the library, however the shelves in the English columns are mostly empty. In the center of the floor there is a team of Kasarians and Gaea Corp researchers, huddled around massive tomes where they are hard at work translating the text.

Table of Contents

Month of Euphoria

During this season, the leaves of the euphorian tree become golden and shed so that the tree can begin to make way for a new set of leaves. This is unlike trees on Earth that lose their leaves to conserve water, and more like a fruit tree that takes about a year to cycle. The trees can only be found high up in the Frosty Mountains range, however their leaves are exceptionally delicate and have been known to sail on the wind to other continents.

Since ancient times, these leaves were highly sought after due to their beauty and high value. Although many leaves had to be gathered to combine and use, the leaf could be crafted into sturdy and gorgeous decorative items. Many also believed it had a strong medicinal purpose in soups or ointments. Kasarians would readily resort to a frenzied violence to gather these leaves to exchange for koin. It was the time of year that Kasarians found relief for any debts they've accumulated throughout the year, or to exchange for things they need.

It had been known for some time that there was one Kasarian, a farmer who spent much of his life trying to farm in Vita, who would make the trek to the unforgiving frozen ranges of the Frosty Mountains year after year. He no longer had the drive to try to rebuild himself, and instead he wanted just enough koin to get by for the year. Where some excelled in agility and speed, this Kasarian had patience and a plan. Each year he was able to predict where a large flow of golden leaves would end up across the mountains from the strong gusts of winter, and he always found himself with many more leaves than he had a use for.

When he returned to the mainland, he would give out leaves to the less fortunate, or anyone who would ask for some. Although many applauded his efforts, very few Kasarians could see themselves giving away the leaves they scrambled for and needed. This continued on for years, until the elderly farmer passed away. Only in his absence of help had others come to realise just how much of an impact he had. The Month of Euphorias after his passing felt especially glum. Bit by bit, a few Kasarians started dividing up their leaves and giving where they could. Gradually, others let go of their greed and saw the good in sharing. Eventually this selfless giving spirit became a tradition on Kasaria.