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Site-Wide Rules

Last revised: 4/28/2017
Read the bulleted, bolded text. The rest of the description explains that rule with further detail. If you are still unsure about it, either ASK or DON'T do it.
Scroll down further to read about the Warning System.

* Speak English.
Kasaria is an English-speaking site. While in the chat box or forums, you must post in English. You may speak whatever you wish over private messages. 'Casariin' may be used as a sort of 'secret code', but should not be used excessively. Chatspeak IS allowed, but it should only be used in moderation. In the chat box you can use it a bit more, but remember not to spam. You may use as much chatspeak as you'd like in private messages. A verbal warning will be given if this rule is broken. (Repeat offenses and rudeness will result in an official warning)

* One account per person.
Each user is limited to create one account for themselves. If there are family members sharing the same IP address, staff are to be notified of the extra accounts. If more than one person is sharing a computer but have different accounts, try and keep item, money, and other sending to a minimum. Any exchanging between accounts will be closely monitored. Anybody with more than one account will have their other accounts banned, anything gained from the multis will be purged, and a warning will be issued on the main account. Accounts are also not to be shared with other people as this makes the game unfair, and we are not accountable for anything that the other person sharing the account may do without your permission/knowledge.

* Do not cheat.
Use of automated programs or the abuse of bugs and glitches to gain an advantage over other players is considered cheating. Any bugs/glitches are to be reported immediately and players aware of the issue are to avoid repeating the action if possible. Anybody caught cheating will be suspended and warned on the first offense, depending on the severity. Disregard for the warning will end with a permanent ban.

* Spam is not allowed.
Spam is posting completely off-topic, advertising something (other than in the advertisement board), posting something too short (one word, a few smilies, gibberish, etc), excessive caps, or chat speak. If you spam, your post may be deleted and you will receive a warning.

* Be respectful of other users.
Flaming, trolling, scamming, or any other forms of disrespect to other users will not be tolerated. Discussion of religion, gender, race, and other conflicting topics are allowed, but do keep in mind the Respect rule. The moment the conversation takes a turn towards personal attacks towards other users, a stop to the discussion is to be called and appropriate punishments will be issued.

* Site punishments are not to be announced.
Announcing any player's ban, warning, fine, etc. is not permitted. If the player who was warned or banned believes that it was wrongfully given, they are encouraged to contact the admins through a support ticket where the case will be given a full review and if applicable, the punishment may be lifted. Only the user who received a punishment may try to appeal, no other users may speak in their place.

* Do not beg.
Asking for donations and pestering other users for items, money, companions, and other things is not allowed. Doing so will result in a warning, and repeat offences will cause the account to be Silenced.

* Do not minimod/impersonate staff.
Mini-modding is when you try to enforce rules in the place of an official moderator. If another player is breaking a rule, it is recommended to ignore them and report them immediately. However, it is perfectly fine to give gentle reminders for small rules (ex: "Let's stay on topic please!"). A verbal warning will be issued on the first offense, but repeat and or serious offenders will be Silenced.

Impersonating staff is the act of assuming the identity of staff members to do things such as dealing with punishments, PMing for passwords, and the like. Staff members will never ask users for their passwords and login information. Anybody caught impersonating staff will be given a permanent silence or a ban, depending on the severity.

* Limit explicit/mature content.
Any posting or spreading of explicit/mature content is not allowed. Topics such as sex, porn, drugs, and illegal activity are prohibited. However, mild gore and mild cussing are allowed. If you are unsure whether it is okay to post something or not, then you probably should not post it. Remember that anyone of any age can see what you post. Depending on the circumstances, punishments can range from warnings to silencing to banning.

* No soliciting of relationships.
Kasaria is not a dating site. While it is okay to mention or talk about your partner, you are not to seek out relationships on Any sexual or explicit messages (like cybering) to another player are not permitted and will result in a ban. Keep in mind that even though users may appear to be your friend, they are essentially strangers and any personal information or pictures are to be shared at your own risk. If you encounter a user who asks or is pressuring you for personal information, do not hesitate to contact a staff member.

* Do not plagiarize.
Plagiarism in any shape or form is NOT allowed on Kasaria. Plagiarism can be defined as stealing someone else's work (ideas, drawings, literature, etc) and claiming it as your own. Any stolen art, writing, characters, etc that you claim to be yours (whether it is property of or anybody else) is NOT allowed. It does not matter whether or not you are trying to sell the content, you will still be punished. When caught, you will face an official warning and a silence.

* Do not scam others.
Do not offer anything (prizes, items, services) unless you are 100% positive you can give it to the person. Should something fall through, you must provide refunds. Use common sense, do not falsely advertise anything. This includes plagiarism! Kasaria staff is not accountable for any item or amount of currency that you may lose, but we will try our best to get it back should you be scammed. If you scam others, the scam will be edited out of posts, any gained items/currency removed, and you will receive an official warning and silenced, or a ban will be given depending on severity.

* Companions are not to be traded/sold.
You can't sell your friends in real life, and you can't on Kasaria, either. If you no longer wish to have a companion, you may end your contract with it. Deals to end contracts and have another person 'rehire' that companion as a way to trade are NOT endorsed as there is no guarantee that would not be claimed by another user first, and staff will not refund any portion of the trade should it not work out.

* Discussion of other sites.
R18+ sites, scam websites, etc are NOT allowed. But you may discuss other websites, including petsites, in the chat box, forum, and in Private Messages. It is preferred that you do not talk excessively about them or force others to visit/join, and if the discussion is inappropriate, then moderators may step in and lessen or end the topic. Kasaria is not liable for anything that happens off-site, to your account or computer. If things get out of hand, you may receive a warning and possible silence. (Scamming has other consequences. See above.)

* Trading Accounts, Companions, Items, Currency.
On-site, you may trade items or currency in exchange for other goods or services. Trading/Selling Kasaria items and currency for goods or services from another site or with real money is allowed if it is not against the other game's rules. Selling/Trading Accounts or Companions for any other goods, services, or real life currency is not allowed. Any participants in such a trade will be banned from Kasaria.

Club Rules
* You are not allowed to create or impersonate official clubs. Official clubs are staff created, and run by staff. Please be aware that anyone who claims to own an official club offering prizes or staff positions are lying and breaking the rules. Report them and move on. Staff may create normal, unofficial clubs, but they are just that.

* Do not create clubs that focus around an individual religion, race, sex, etc. Please be respectful and considerate. You cannot create clubs centered around one thing that others can't join. You can make specific clubs, but if someone who doesn't like what the club is about wants to join, they are still allowed to join. If you are denied the right to join for this reason, or a player that joined is causing issues, you may contact staff.

The Warning System

Failure to abide by the rules will result in these punishments. Each time, staff will tell you which rule you've broken, to reread the rules, and to avoid the situation in the future. Even if you have not read the rules, you are still accountable to know them, as you agreed to them when registering for

There are exceptions! More serious rules that are broken may skip the verbal warning, and may even go straight to a ban. You may also receive 'silences', in which you are unable to post in the chat box and forums, and cannot send PMs for a period of time.

1. The first action taken will be a verbal warning. You will not get into any form of trouble for this, though a note may be added for future reference for staff.
2. The next time you break a rule, you will receive an official warning. Strike 1!
3. You will receive another warning. Strike 2 + 1 Day ban! Three strikes and you're out, so be careful.
4. One-month ban. This rule, along with the others, may be skipped depending on what you do.
5. Perma-ban. You will not be allowed back onto Kasaria :(

If you feel as though you were unfairly punished, contact admins through support tickets to discuss or appeal your punishment.

Rules are still in the process of creation and will be updated constantly. Subject to change.