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Kiisu Companion

About Kasaria

Kasaria is the solution to our problems. Earth is now too overcrowded and polluted to live on anymore. A new company, Gaea Corp, has risen with the promise to increase the Earth's recovery speed, but in order to do so, some of the population has to be moved to a new world they recently discovered, Kasaria.

Azure Companion

Form a Bond

Some of the new creatures on this planet are highly intelligent! Travelers partner up with these creatures, often referred to as companions, during their stay on Kasaria. The pairs will take care of each other's needs, and while doing so, the companion's personalities will shine through, and they will have an easier time communicating with you as they learn to speak English!

Charee Companion


Uncover Kasaria's secrets! There are many places within the various continents to explore. Hang around in the colonized cities and villages to shop, take on jobs, and interact with the Kasarians and other people!

There are also many hidden treasures beyond the safety of the settlements. With enough bravery, companions can push through chilling mountains, precarious volcanoes, and overgrown jungles to search for fabled riches and villages only accessible by walking.

Tiniki Companion

Mold Your Place

There are many ways that you can individualize yourself and your experience on Kasaria. Utilize hundreds of different accessories and pieces of clothing to customize your human avatar and your companions.

You can also modify your profile page to your wishes with widgets and an easy way to rearrange them. Kasaria will open with several widgets available, but will add more through time.

To further customize the your experience, you will also have the choice to disable your human avatar from sight on your profile and/or forum.

Mingo Companion

Lead a Team

Assemble a team of up to three companions and battle wild creatures. Gather resources from them and craft new clothes, weapons, dishes of food, and even furnishings!

Train your companions to grow stronger by drilling them through practice games. Teach them new moves by showing them technique scrolls.

Stronger companions can help lead you to more dangerous places that have hidden secrets to share for those who can reach them.

Kasaria is a new world waiting for you to explore it. How will you spend your time and build yourself on this planet?